Original post by Genevieve Kamala

Earlier today I reblogged a beautiful and exhaustive post from Falbala Fairey, she is involved in this project and I am honored to be part of it too.

The goals are practical as well as spiritual, so I really invite you to visit Masai Mara the Solidarity Store, devised and created by Starline Igeria, Miss Colour of Couture and MVW Miss Kenya 2013.

I was sent an abundance of great clothes to try, I confess that I was immediately attracted to these two outfits by DEW, they make me feel like an African queen.  The first dress is called  Lankenaua, an apparently simple black dress  is made special by the addiction of multicoloured feathers around the neck and down the back all the way to the ground, the equally coloured belt and jewels complete this cocktail dress; the second dress is  called Amara in acid green, here the contrast between the straight lines and the zebra top with the striped skirt is made precious by the bracelets and collar, so typically African. Both these amazing mesh and very easy to wear creations are by DEW.

The photos were taken in a corner of the Masai Mara  project.

Have fun shopping among beautiful and unusual clothes, really worth a visit, I will post more soon.

The poses are also found at Masai Mara, they are from the Imani series from the Muse shop, exclusively created for the event, like the dresses I am wearing.

It is a real pleasure to present these new  creations.