Original post by Ceddy (Cenedra Flame)

Fashion Show in aid of the Mama Tunza Project in Kenya

Starline Igeria: “Hello everyone and thank you for coming and support us. I would like to say a few words about this amazing show.  I’m very frustrated and sad because of the problems with the audience. It seems some very sadistic people don’t allow us to enjoy with this show and try to do a wonderful thing for our Kenya children. I’m very sorry about that, and I hope you’ll understand.”

It is sad that Starline even had to mention this, for some reason people thought it would be funny to sabotage an event that is working very hard to raise money and awareness for a virtuous and noble cause, but also tried to take away the enjoyment of seeing first hand some of the incredible and inspiring creations of SL talented and elite designers.  But note the words I used…they tired and failed miserably. The applause and congratulations that were given at the end of the show, summed up how futile those efforts were, once again that amazing good grace found in most SL residents came into play and we were able to rise above the foolishness of others.

It did not take anything away for me.  Yes it was a little irriating to have to keep re logging, but once I had finally got to my seat the feast of delights that were on offer from SL’s finest was worth every second of watching.  Nothing was wasted.  The models were unrivalled in their professionalism and Draakje Dailey the hostess was amazing.

You know how much I love the Patch Thibauld as a setting and the runway design was first-rate as you can see from the picture above.  The designers must have been proud.  I think I “ooohhh” and “ahhh” at every single design.  It is one thing to see a design on a vendor, but quite another thing watching a model parade around so you can watch the flow of the design and nothing prepares me for the vivid colours, truly awesome.

Did I have a favourite..of course but far too many to name.  Take a look yourself, here at the flickr page for Masai Mara and come back and tell me if you managed to pick one design that you feel outweighs the rest.  I can’t…I tried!

Verdict?  Well done to Starline Igeria for making this happen and to all the models and agencies working behind the scenes.  Remember my blogging friends you can still visit the Solidarity Store and claim some of these treasures for yourself.  I know I will be going back shortly to purchase a few more items.  And also remember, each linden you spend helps turn a desire for a better life into reality of a better life for these children.

I end with a quote from Starline:

“To all of the designers involved in MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store; with your best designs you have make this a reality. To the rest of the team, scripter, bloggers, sponsors…my dear Sequoia and everybody in Masai Mara group. To my dearest friend, AnnaG… for all your help, support and time. I love you sister.”

” And finally, to all of you, friends, customers, and people that makes SL better day by day supporting this charity events.”