The Vision: To Give Disadvantaged Children a Good Future

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Original post by Nyree Soulstar

Tunza comes from the Swahili word meaning “to care for” and that is the goal of The Mama Tunza Children’s Home.  There are an estimated 1,659,000 orphans in Kenya, approximately 126 or which call The Mama Tunza Children’s Home their home, and for which the Masai Mara event has been organized.  The mission of the center is to provide a home, nourishment, and education to disadvantaged children, many of whom are orphans, many of whom are HIV positive.

Your visit to the Masai Mara Solidarity Store is shopping for a great cause, helping to spread the mission and raise funds to provide a better life for these children.  There are so many beautiful exclusives available, and even 100L helps to feed a child.  Here is just one of the lovely offerings, the Zebra Showgirl by Russh Lussh for Masai Mara.  This is an outfit you can strut your stuff in, and it carries with it the spirit of celebration.

You can help put a smile on a needy child’s face.  Mama Tunza Video Link.


Dress: Zebra Showgirl Outfit – Russh Lussh at Masai Mara

Hair: Kahlua Soil – Vanity Hair

Collar: Ash Collar color-change – Finesmith

Gloves: Tick Tock Long Gloves – Tres Beau

Shoes: Esther Heels – B&G Shoes

Makeup: Eyes: Vixen 2 – Madrid Solo, Lips: Red 2 – Izzie’s

Pose: Everglow

Background: Cinecitta Set – PNP

Topazia and FZaPP for Masai Mara

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Original post by Betty Draesia

Another day and another outfit for me to show you what you can find at MASAI MARA Store …let’s help children in Kenya


Hair Utopia FAIRYWAY Japan Accessories FZaPP Earrings FatiaS de abacaxiS MESH By FZaPP FZaPP Bracelet FatiaS de abacaxiS MESH By FZaPP FZaPP Ornament to the dress FatiaS de abacaxiS MESH By FZaPP Dress TOPAZIA- Taloula dress (mesh) TOPAZIA- Taloula hat TOPAZIA- Taloula skirt


About 40 brands are helping us with the wonderful project to raise funds for an ngo called “Kibera Youth Initiative”, that currently is helping MAMA TUNZA’s Children Home, in Nairobi (Kenya). The brands, selling their items (some exclusive, some new and other discounted) give the total or a half of the sales to the ngo, just trying to help this wonderful woman and her children. Of course, these boys and girls are from the streets of Nairobi, with no parents, no family, some of them with AIDS and other diseases, and this woman take them as her own children and cares, loves and feeds. They live in very poor conditions, they need our help.

The store opened September 1st, and there will be a show at the Patch Tribaud Auditorium the 13th with the exclusive items we will have.

MASAI MARA – Inmoster & Fzapp & Lovely Mi

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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer & Starline Igeria

Two of the four dresses that INMOSTER has made for this project.
AnnaG is wearing also the MASAI MARA SET and Star, the BELLO set, all from Fzapp.
The make ups are from Lovely Mi, called AFRICA.

MASAI MARA – Vero Modero, Element Hair, FZAPP & Styles by Kira

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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer and Starline Igeria

AnnaG wears: AFRICAN QUEEN exclusive dress from Vero Modero – AKAMBA hair exclusive from Element Hair – JANNA SKIN 05 AFRICA 2B from Styles by Kira – IMANI pose from The Muse Poses.
Starline wears: MASAI exclusive dressfrom Vero Modero – MIJIKENDA HAIR (with makeup) from Element Hair – ALGERIA set of jewels by FZAPP – AFRICA pose from Posesion

My Style 272 MASAI Mara-DEW/Style by Kira /TST/The Muse Poses

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Original post by Sofia Vectoscope

Outfit:”DEW” Amara (Exclusive for Masai Mara) -HelenSue Helendale
Skin:Style by Kira – Janna Skin 05 Africa 3B-By : Kira.Paderborn
Earrings:TST Kenya Elephant Earrings- By:GeorgiaStar Chau
Poses:The Muse Poses – Imani – Audrey Cresi