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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer

Other amazing creation from POISON- The Vest mesh 6 only available at MASAI MARA
MAITREYA Mesh Leather Legging * Black
LAVIERE- Cashmere Flat Cap Noir
[AB] St. John Earrings in Diamond  available at L’accesories
Bangles: Glam Affair (not available)

MASAI MARA – MOLiCHiNO, SEQUOIASTYLE, Dew, Yoa Divine Spell & Two Sister Treasures

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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer and Starline Igeria

MASAI MARA – Molichino, SequoiaStyle, Dew, Yoa Divine Spell & Two Sister Treasures

bags: MASAI MARA HANDBAG Giraffe by SequoiaStyle, MASAI CLUTCH green/white by Dew.
DELIRIO skin in black by Yoa Divine Spell
MANDARIN MOON Earrings by Two Sister Treasures
DELIRIO skin in clear2 by Yoa Divine Spell

MASAI MARA – Tres Beau

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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer and Starline Igeria

MASAI MARA – Tres Beau

JAGUAR, exclusive dress for Masai Mara Store, and SERENGETI outfit and jewelry set.

MASAI MARA – Topazia & Iron Tiger

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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer and Starline Igeria

MASAI MARA – Topazia & Iron Tiger

TALOULA DRESS, the exclusive design from Topazia for Masai Mara. Includes hat.
These are the ROOTS OF RHYTHM jewels from Iron Tiger, also at Masai Mara store.


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Original post by AnnaG Pfeffer and Starline Igeria


Star: MASAI MARA 02 (Fall 2012) & CARRIE BRAIDED WEDGE SANDALS (Fall 2012)
AnnaG: MASAI MARA 03 (Fall 2012)

Masari Mara Fashion Show a Success!

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Original post by Ceddy (Cenedra Flame)

Fashion Show in aid of the Mama Tunza Project in Kenya

Starline Igeria: “Hello everyone and thank you for coming and support us. I would like to say a few words about this amazing show.  I’m very frustrated and sad because of the problems with the audience. It seems some very sadistic people don’t allow us to enjoy with this show and try to do a wonderful thing for our Kenya children. I’m very sorry about that, and I hope you’ll understand.”

It is sad that Starline even had to mention this, for some reason people thought it would be funny to sabotage an event that is working very hard to raise money and awareness for a virtuous and noble cause, but also tried to take away the enjoyment of seeing first hand some of the incredible and inspiring creations of SL talented and elite designers.  But note the words I used…they tired and failed miserably. The applause and congratulations that were given at the end of the show, summed up how futile those efforts were, once again that amazing good grace found in most SL residents came into play and we were able to rise above the foolishness of others.

It did not take anything away for me.  Yes it was a little irriating to have to keep re logging, but once I had finally got to my seat the feast of delights that were on offer from SL’s finest was worth every second of watching.  Nothing was wasted.  The models were unrivalled in their professionalism and Draakje Dailey the hostess was amazing.

You know how much I love the Patch Thibauld as a setting and the runway design was first-rate as you can see from the picture above.  The designers must have been proud.  I think I “ooohhh” and “ahhh” at every single design.  It is one thing to see a design on a vendor, but quite another thing watching a model parade around so you can watch the flow of the design and nothing prepares me for the vivid colours, truly awesome.

Did I have a favourite..of course but far too many to name.  Take a look yourself, here at the flickr page for Masai Mara and come back and tell me if you managed to pick one design that you feel outweighs the rest.  I can’t…I tried!

Verdict?  Well done to Starline Igeria for making this happen and to all the models and agencies working behind the scenes.  Remember my blogging friends you can still visit the Solidarity Store and claim some of these treasures for yourself.  I know I will be going back shortly to purchase a few more items.  And also remember, each linden you spend helps turn a desire for a better life into reality of a better life for these children.

I end with a quote from Starline:

“To all of the designers involved in MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store; with your best designs you have make this a reality. To the rest of the team, scripter, bloggers, sponsors…my dear Sequoia and everybody in Masai Mara group. To my dearest friend, AnnaG… for all your help, support and time. I love you sister.”

” And finally, to all of you, friends, customers, and people that makes SL better day by day supporting this charity events.”


Miss Darcy at MASAI MARA

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Original post by Genevieve Kamala

After the wonderful show organized by Starline Igeria, our inspired leader, with SOLOEVANE Staff at Patch Thibaud Auditorium, I just cannot stop blogging for MASAI MARA  The Solidarity Store, it is addictive.

Perhaps it is the earthy creativity, the exciting connections to our wild heart of Africa, most of all is the feeling of helping in a concrete way.

Today I present to you two outfits from Miss Darcy: Hobble dress in copper Le Lion, exclusively for Masai Mara is the first one, a pleasure to wear with its warm colour leading us from summer into autumn.

The second outfit is the Savanna romper in yellow, another perfect outfit for these in between season times.

I chose an all Masai Mara look with Imani Masara poses by Muse, skin by Delirio Yoa Divine spell black and hair by Iconic Aruna cafe au lait, all items exclusively made for MASAI MARA  the Solidarity Store.

You can buy these items, thus helping children study, until the 30th of September.


It’s Showtime !!!

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Big Must See Event at Patch Thibaud Auditorium today, September 13th at 3pm slt. Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store, the event created by Starline Igeria, MVW Candidate representing Kenya and Miss Colour of Couture, will feature all the African inspired exclusive creations from many top designers of SL. You can preview of the runway show and all these wonderful designs created exclusively for this event and get direct SLURLS to the stores where you can collect them yoursself at the MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store website.


Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Showgirl African Queen by Russh Lussh – NEW/EXCLUSIVE for Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store
Jewelry – **BamboO** jewel set from +:+WTG+:+Nails – [MANDALA]Takara Nail/Gold
Hair – [Maya ]/Brown01 from :bijou:
Skin – Delirio by **Yoa Divine Spell** – NEW/EXCLUSIVE for Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store
Poses by Morgane’s Pose Shop

For Masai Mara

KymSara is quite taken with the Feeling Colourful Gown you might even say she is “Absolutely Smitten”! This exclusive dress is only one of the technocolour marvels you can feast upon at the Masai Mara show. She has given it a bit of a vintage feel here adding Sandye footwear from Lindy’s Modern and Retro Shoes.

>For Masai Mara

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Feeling Colorful Gown – NEW/EXCLUSIVE from Absolutely Smitten for Masai Mara
Jewelry – Masai Mara Ensemble NEW/EXCLUSIVE for Masai Mara by SequoiaStyle
Hair – Angie by EMO-tions
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Shoes – Sandye by Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes
Poses – DieselWorks

Sequoia for Masai Mara

Finally we offer up some of Sequoia’s handywork made exclusively to match up with the Masai mini, a divine design of her sister Reign Congrejo of EVOLVE, also a Masai Mara exclusive. Thoughts of keeping the endless summer? Many more outfits at Masai Mara to tempt that notion.

Sequoia for Masai Mara

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Masai Dress in mesh from EVOLVE – NEW / EXCLUSIVE at MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store
Jewelry – Exclusive Masai Mara Jewelry set by SEQUOIASTYLE – NEW / EXCLUSIVE at MASAI MARA: The Solidarity Store
Nails – painter nails from Finesmith
Poses – Glitterati
Hair – Ruri (Type B)(Citrine) FROM D!va Hair
Shoes – GOSHI Pumps – Gamboge Panther from Mstyle

Show begins at 3pm slt at Patch Thibaud Auditorium. Below is a preview of the set design created by Sequoia Nightfire, who will also walk in the Solo Evane sponsored event. The model in the photos overlooking the audience is Starline Igeria, the founder of this event. Showing her humbleness, she was rather shocked to see Sequoia had placed, without her knowledge, her beautiful african queen photo, framing the runway. She spoke of the group effort all that have been involved in putting this all together and looked forward to sharing her thanks personally today with all involved and who have contributed.

Masai Mara Fashion Show Runway

MASAI MARA Fashion Show

MASAI MARA: The Solidarity STORE

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Original post by Debbie Jasper

Today, I like to showcase some of the creations from SL finest designers; PULL, NK Couture, Liv-GLAM, Iron Tiger, Yoa Divine Spell and Shiki…
These amazing designers have come together to help raise some well needed funds to promote the KIBERA YOUTH INITIATIVE – MAMA TUNZA’s project charity. Do find time to take a look at these, mostly, exclusive items at the MASAI MARA Store. It is definately a well worth visit.
Model/ Photography: Debbie Jasper
NK Couture ~ Ashaki Jumper – Hyena

Styling Card:
Outfit: NKCouture ~ Ashaki Jumper – Hyena @ Masai Mara Store
Accessories: NKJewelry ~ Shambala Earring and Necklace – Hyena @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Nova & Dura ~ Hair
Skin: Yoa Divine Spell ~ Delirio Brown @ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: MJS ~ Flirty
[PULL] ~ Elisabeth African
Styling Card:
Outfit: PULL ~ Elisabeth African Shirt and Skirt @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Imani
Accessories: Iron Tiger ~ The Roots of Rhythm Chevron Earrings Peridot w/Side and Necklace @ Masai Mara Store and Mandala ~ Takara Bangle Animal fur set
Bag: Liv-Glam ~ Fall 2012-Masai Mara 01@ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: HOC Industries ~ Noir Plump
With a change of hairdo and a longer version of the skirt, you will get a totally different look of the Elisabeth outfit.
[PULL] ~ Elisabeth African and Mana
Styling Card:
Outfit: PULL ~ Elisabeth Afican Shirt and Mana Long Skirt @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Lali
Accessories: ~Iron Tiger ~ Roots of Rhythm Earrings and Bangles @ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: Juran ~ Leather Sandals Valiant
Shiki ~ African Beauty
Styling Card:
Outfit: Shiki ~ African Beauty @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Hair Additive ~ Beauty Updo
Accessories: Iron Tiger ~ The Roots of Rhythm Chevron Earrings Peridot w/Side and Necklace  @ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: Gaeline Creations ~ Kylie Stilettos – Gold Edition
Skin: Yoa Divine Spell ~ Delirio Brown @ Masai Mara Store

SHIKI at Masai Mara

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Original post by Geneview Kamala

Shiki has created a beautiful dress called African Beauty, as you can see from the photos the dress is a tribute to beauty in warm shining colours, I believe that it was made for all the women who came out of Africa and spread their native beauties in far away lands.

I have interepreted it in this mood, it has an almost a Caribean feel to it, with plenty of hybiscus flowers to decorate it and make it fragrantly enticing.


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